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No matter how many times my children remind me, I am always in awe of just how fundamentally different each child can be. I am also somewhat frightened by some of the personality traits that I don’t have control over. I asked the girls a few questions just to see what types of responses I would get from a seven, five, and four year old.

First question is “What makes you happy?”

Jane answers, “Horses. Oh oh! Riding Horses! My happiest was sitting on Prince (a horse that has since died) when I was a baby.”

Prima answers, “Unicorns! Dancing in ballet class makes me happy. My happiest day was signing up for ballet class. I like funny jokes!”

Don Threeto still has a tendency towards baby talk but she answers with enthusiasm, “Wombat!” I ask her, “Did you really say Wombat? Do you know what a wombat is?” Her reply, “No no no, Combat!”

Even better.

I thought it made sense for a kid who may lead a crime syndicate one day.

She wasn’t done with the question and then told me, “Long Necks!” Which I hope is a dinosaur and not glass bottles of beer.

Second question is “What makes you sad?”

Jane gives a heartfelt response, “When Mamaw’s old horse named Magic died. Then a boy in my class said he was happy magic died. I hate him.”

I told her that “hate” is a strong word but anyone who delights in someone losing a pet may qualify for a strong word. I assured her that he may be trying to pick at her because he likes her and doesn’t understand how much she loves animals. I also told her that he might actually be an asshole and that one day she may have no choice but to kick his ass and to use her discretion. Jane isn’t an aggressor but one of her sisters make take up that slack.

Prima may not be much help because her answer to the sad question was, “If I don’t get to play music or if someone beats me up.” She is about two grade levels above her size so I think the getting beat up has to be empathy and not actual experience. She is a gentle giant type of personality and wants everyone to be happy.

Don Threeto tackled the question with the same aggressive randomness that I have started to expect.

“What makes you sad Threeto?”


“Reindeer make you sad?”

“Yeah and dead ones too.”

“So pretty much all Reindeer are just depressing for you?”

“Yeah. And puppies.”

“Good to know.”

So just some side notes. Two of the children are loving and compassionate. One is not yet forming sentences and the family gangster is pleased by combat and beer bottles while being depressed by puppies and reindeer. I love that kid, we honestly broke the mold when she popped out.

These question and answer sessions are always interesting. Over the weekend Prima came running into the kitchen laughing and trying to tell me what Threeto said. Once she calmed down and I could pick out the words inside the laughter I figured out two things:

1) Don Threeto says she named two of her turds (Larry and Bob).

2) These magical turds are alive and Don Threeto can text them with an iPad.

I wonder if the app is named iPood.

Lady Bug has a full understanding of what is said to her but her responses are limited to words that only a few people understand. She is the baby of the family and in true cute-as-a-button fashion she tugged at my heart strings.

“What makes you happy Lady Bug?”

“Da Da.”

“Daddy makes you happy?”

She grins and then gives a coy sideways glance, “No. Hahahaha”

Little rat.

Some families form pop bands like Hanson or the Partridge Family. Mine can’t sing or perform but they will be the perfect team. Focus, compassion, enforcement, and deceptive cuteness. A deadly wolf pack.

So if you expected to shape and mold your children into caring citizens of the world only to find out that your attempts are useless, this post is for you. You’re welcome.

-Underdaddy to the rescue.


    1. Also Jane. She is the sensitive horse loving author who is strangely self-centric at the same time. She gets sarcasm to a tee and is a lot like her daddy. I am never bored around my kids, they are hilarious.

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      1. Then Jane’s my favorite. I’m an aspiring novelist and writer of everything else, plus lesson-taking equestrian student…she’s just like me. Tell me, is she an aspiring astronomer too? 😉


      2. We discuss a lot of science. She wants to be a scientist also. I think the list grows with each profession we talk about. I love talking with people and finding parallel lives, it gives me the best picture of immortality. Knowing that you might exist as someone else in different parts of your life. Figuratively, Im not flipping out Tarot cards or anything. Just saying it is a neat thought.

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      3. Haha don’t worry I’m a person same as you. The horse is my horse. Aspiring novelist, rock climber, soon-to-be-professional-astronomer, camper, and general outdoors enthusiast. That’s all you need to know.


      4. Well good luck in your endeavors. I’m going to hide for a while and try not to contribute creepy comments to any discussions. Professional astronomer sounds pretty legit, that is cool.

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      5. That’s what I think. I’ve been contributing amateur astronomy to my community for a few years now. I have a few years of studying to do before any of the observatories want me, but I’m getting there. My Astronomical Chronicles series is kind of my portfolio/resume at the moment.

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  1. Wow! 4 girls 🙂 I have only one and she’s really a challenge, she’s my 4th child.
    I have 5 kids and they are so different that they don’t seem made/raised by the same people 🙂

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