Some of these are popular for the emotion and others for the humor but these are ones that got a lot of engagement either way. They are all still active so feel free to share, reblog, or like/comment. Hope you enjoy!

The Fear Questions – Some thoughts about how fear motivates us.

I know A Mom Who – My mother’s day post that was a huge hit.

Kindergarten Sex Ed – I had lunch with some kindergarten kids. The are surprising. Just wow.

Mind If I Join You – I happened into a stranger who became a friend.

Tampon Anonymous – I had to shop for womens products and made some observations.

Womanist? – Some feminism for my girls.

You’re A Bad Parent – So bad that you wont even read this one. Slow down and enjoy the ride.

Dadinism The New Feminism – Activism for dads roles too.

Oren Miller Tribute – The organizer of a Dad Blogger group had lung cancer and was an inspiring man. Just some thoughts on crazy life.

Daddy Can I Have a Puppy? – Dogs are awesome.

Happy New Years – Lady Bug had a seizure and the ensuing panic.

Eight Years a Husband – The story of how I met Supermom.

My Mona Lisas – Sometimes kids are so freaking beautiful. Sometimes.

Love Nest – Our first terrible house together.

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