This is the miscellaneous parenting file. Popular posts that weren’t heart strings or strictly kids. The potpourri section if you will.

Fifty Shade of Grey Review – Went to the premier and people were way worse than the film.

Let The Bodies Hit The Floor – Post Christmas apocalypse.

The Pink Pill – Lady Libido – A myth and legendary lie.

Make One Move and Dad Gets It – Grounding is not acceptable punishment around here anymore.

Black Market Teeth – Tooth Fairy Time

Cleaning the Shotgun – First boy to visit, my sinister plan.

Ten Things I No Longer Use – A list of wasted efforts on the first born that I would never have known without the rest.

101 Rules Kids Need – Probably should remind them daily.

Under Stand – Hindsight in parenting is 20-20

Shame on the Red Ranger – I was the Red Ranger once upon a time.

Women Drivers – Can they drive as good as men?

Vaccinate or LGTSOW – My take on a vaccination plan.

Time for Talks – When should kids hear about different life events?

Perfect Parenting A Timeline Approach – Broken down by total hours needed to be perfect.

Thanks for checking me out and I hope you enjoy the stories. Post some comments I love to hear from everyone!

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