People always ask what they should read or where to start. At first it wasn’t a hard thing to track but now the inventory is growing and I haven’t done the best job at managing the structure. So I will try and give a list of the popular posts and a summary to help you browse a little. This isn’t all inclusive but should be a good start.

The Almighty Snip – This is what all men (should) fear. Women should read it to know some inside facts too.

Knock Knock – This one started things off for me. Kids say the worst things at the worst times and it is all my fault.

Yard Biscuit – This story involves a main character in the Underdaddy team who was just making herself known at the time.

Rise of Don Threeto – The explanation behind my new mastermind. She is a character all to herself

Threeto Wisdom – Philosophy from Don Threeto.

Threekwando – Fighting ninja mafia Don.

Threeto Peeto – More antics from the crowd favorite.

Threeto Shift – Dealing with politics of a growing family.

Twerk-Tastic – Twerking on old people in Cracker Barrel

Couch Croissant – Similar to a yard biscuit but more intimate and refined.

Superhero Lovechild – My wife may have cheated on me a few times.

Jane Wrote A Story – My oldest child wanted to contribute to the blog. It is about me in a way.

Prima – My second child and the aspiring ballerina.

My Daddy Drinks – They tell on me for things I didn’t do.

Monkey See Monkey Do – They do things they see me do.

Two Boobs in a Bra – I have a chilling revelation about my youngest.

ABC World Champion – We suck at teaching them to read.

Potty Training Champion – We suck at potty training too.

Glow Stick Kids – Our kids get hurt constantly.

Some Animals Were Harmed – We suck at keeping small pets alive.

Rainbows and Butterflies – We got more animals to neglect.

Last Smell and Testament – Don’t open old bottles.

Death and Hamburger Helper – Philosophy for a deep five year old.

Six Reasons to Lose My Mind – Basically I rant about things that pissed me off that day.

For Popular Posts or more varied topics (Random) visit those pages too.


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