Thanks for stopping by. I know time is a valuable commodity so I will get right down to brass tacks. Here are ten facts about me:

Rock On.

Prepare thyself. 

1) Mariah Carey wrote her song Hero about me. True story.

2) My life was the basis for the hit film “Titanic”. Think about it. A crowded living area. A series of disasters. A hot chick that was naked briefly. One time I lost a pair of sunglasses in the ocean. Jesus, could they have been more obvious? I didn’t even get a check for royalties. #Disappointed.

3) Mariah Carey didn’t actually write that Hero song but she sang it for me. True story.

4) My children have a peculiar choice of vocabulary words that often get me in trouble. Like telling people about my drinking habits.

5) I have a well-controlled version of Tourette’s syndrome that is commonly referred to as “Potty Mouth”. What can I say? Shit happens. Also, sometimes I say “True Story” and I don’t mean it. Ironic huh?

6) I am an engineer by trade and a writer at heart. I try to create something worth reading about twice a week. I succeed about once a week. The other time is usually something I want to delete but I’m too lazy to edit, much less delete.

7) Mariah Carey didn’t actually sing that Hero song exclusively for me but only because I’m not a hero. Probably wanted to but she has a strong moral compass and couldn’t live with the lie. She did say I would always be her baby. Unfortunately for her, I am married so if you happen to know her please kindly ask her to stop singing songs about me in the 1990’s. It is getting awkward with my wife in the car and one of those songs comes on the XM radio. I spend hours trying to convince her that those songs don’t mean anything to me and that Mariah is just basically stalking me backwards through time. Ugh. Totes exhausting.


8) Sometimes I totally lose my shit and spiral into an uncontrolled rant on various subjects. Other times I just share my stupidity.

9) Sometimes I write things that kick people in the feels and make them cry. Seriously. It happens and usually it is out of nowhere.

10) I’m not actually obsessed with super-hot pop diva’s from the 90’s. I just don’t think I am worthy of a full list of ten things so I stuffed it full of Mariah Carey bullshit to make it work out. If some other cool fact about me pops up I guess I have to delete one because what kind of jackass has a list of “Eleven Fun Facts”? Not this guy.

Seriously though, in the spirit of Underdog, I created Underdaddy to show that sometimes success looks a lot like failure. Life is hard and messy and it happens fast (insert “She Said” joke here). If you have ever screwed up anything, this blog is for you. You’re welcome. I like to hear from people and interaction is the reason I do this so don’t be shy and feel free to comment.

-Underdaddy to the rescue!


  1. Hello, I am glad to pop into your blog and I loved the amusing accounts you are narrating about kids(read the ‘Drinking’ part’) , looking forward for your future posts 🙂


  2. hey there UnderDaddy, I don’t know how you feel about awards, but I wanted to give you this one in particular, it’s the Encouraging Thunder award, you truly inspire people to stop and look at the lighter side of parenting, and have given me ( and others) many a good laugh and fond memories of when our own kid(s) were that age, so this award is my way of saying thank you and I appreciate all that you do and write about. https://butchcountry67.wordpress.com/2015/05/03/the-encouraging-thunder-award/


    1. Wow, I am humbled by awards truly. I always wonder if it is worth hitting Publish and when people acknowledge it, it makes my day. Thank you and I will follow up on this tonight!


    1. I will have to ponder a while for this one. I feel indifferent a lot of the time. 🙂 I hate feeling indifferent. OOHHHH that is one! Maybe I can do this after all.


    1. Thank you! I accept your nomination and while I am terrible at following through it means a lot to me that you thought of me and enjoy what I write. If I don’t follow the rules I will still work in a shout-out for the nomination.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, that’s all that matters. I certainly understand if you don’t have time for the full traditional acceptance post—I’m still catching up on award obligations since January of this year! I never get anything done…

        Liked by 1 person

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