Wordpress Help

Thanks Jason

This is a filler post while i work on the Halloween 2014 breakdown. So many fun times but some much to do this weekend.

Below is my conversation with Jason from WordPress. I didnt know they offered online chat help and suddenly there is a little box saying, “How can I help you?”

I think WordPress felt the discussion was so awesome that I probably woke the next day asking myself, “Did that really happen?” To save me the confusion they sent a transcript for me to laminate and then frame for placement on my lifetime achievements wall. It might be a good first addition to a life of limited achievement. Or maybe it will just answer some questions about WordPress. Read on and find out.

underdaddy Hi are you a real person?
Jason – WordPress.com Hi, I certainly am 🙂
Jason – WordPress.com How can I help?
underdaddy Cool, what would you like to help me with?
Jason – WordPress.com I’m kinda partial to making photo galleries: http://en.support.wordpress.com/images/gallery/
underdaddy I’m more in need of laundry and general house cleaning. Hey wait I do have a question…
Jason – WordPress.com Go for it!
underdaddy How come there are only forty blogs recommended in humor and they are always the same?
underdaddy Im humerous
Jason – WordPress.com You seem humerous.
underdaddy True story
Jason – WordPress.com So those are sorted by views, and it just shows a set number. I’ll point out it might be good to mix that up from time to time though.
underdaddy I just haven’t found info on how that and freshly pressed actually work
Jason – WordPress.com Oh, that I can help with!
Jason – WordPress.com http://en.support.wordpress.com/freshly-pressed/
underdaddy Sweet! Now we both feel this was worthwhile. 🙂
Jason – WordPress.com Hey, I got to chat with someone with a sense of humor. That’s worth a lot.
underdaddy Is it boring there? This is a new feature I take it?
Jason – WordPress.com It is a new feature for this time of day. We are trying to expand it to be available for more people.
Jason – WordPress.com And no, not boring at all! I’m enjoying the World Series and answering questions 🙂
Jason – WordPress.com Doing my best to make people have a better day than before they chatted with me.
underdaddy That is a noble goal. I feel slightly more positive. Maybe I will think of something else and hit you up again.
Jason – WordPress.com I’ll be here for a few more hours, so you’ve got time!
Jason – WordPress.com If you don’t think of anything, have a wonderful rest of your night!
underdaddy You too!