Are You “Normal Parents”

Parenting personality is something that is interesting to me. Maybe I am wrong but I think that there are basically three parents within each of us.

1) The parent that we want others to think we are.

2) The parent we wish we could be.

3) The parent we are.

This isn’t to say we can’t be the same thing for each or some combination of the three. The problem comes when we try to be something we aren’t and our wish is above what is even possible. That makes the parent we are progressively worse.

Most likely we are all painfully average. I don’t think I am average but that is probably an average thought.

I put together a quick ten question survey on some kid related parenting issues and we can see how everyone falls in the range of normal parenting. As always it is anonymous so feel free to be yourself.

Are you a normal parent? < 

Hopefully the survey is more fun that informative. I will give it about a week and post the results. And for everyone who participated in the other Inappropriate Questions Survey I had several that were entered and didn’t make it in the first round, I am considering the wave of unfollows I might have for posting some of the questions but I promised not to censor so maybe a disclaimer would help. We’ll see.

-Underdaddy to the rescue.

Results Page

I am still figuring out this survey thing. I realize that you cant see the results or comments of anyone before you so I have added the results below.

If you are tuning in and confused. We took weird questions here and then I made a survey of all the weird questions. If you took time to answer and comment then you can check out each one below. I got lots of extra questions after everyone saw what everyone else wrote so this will probably have another round in the future. Good stuff and I like the comments on the broken toilet and the kids being jerks. I was surprised that some of the questions were fairly common. It will be open indefinitely so feel free to go on either link above and put your two cents in.









Question 8 – Weirdest Thing You Have Eaten.



Question 10 – Popping Zits














Did You Really Just Ask That!

Over the past few days I have been collecting strange or inappropriate questions that maybe other people share or would find interesting. I was a little surprised at how much these questions centered around the excretory system. Explains the popularity of the pees and poops dolly. I feel like we are all a little closer today. Creepy but closer.

I tried to ease into the inappropriate subjects and some phrasing is softened but I think these questions get at the intent. This is purely for enjoyment and once again I wont be tracking any answers so be honest and we will get more out of it.

Survey Click Here

If you feel that I missed anything feel free to comment that too.