Peeing Santa

What Do You See?

My psyche has been cracked. I may be rolling down a hill towards clinical insanity.


Because today I went into a bathroom and ending up laughing like a madman while staring into the toilet.

This toilet.


Do you see it?

Do you see it?

Our brains recognize images and patterns. We spend most of our brain power filtering out things that aren’t important. Something about the toilet shape caught my eye and gave me a funny thought.

I am trying to take up space so you can’t see the picture below.

It is what I saw in the toilet.

Is this working?


Fa La La La Laaaaa La La La Laaaaaaaa!

Fa La La La Laaaaa La La La Laaaaaaaa!

So yeah. I saw Santa Claus singing in the toilet. I may be broken. The most screwed up part is that I almost couldn’t bring myself to pee in Santa’s Face and then I was laughing the whole time. Then I realized that people could probably hear me outside and I laughed harder.

Once I composed myself I snapped a picture of the toilet and walked out as if nothing had happened. “Nope, no one peeing in Santa’s mouth over here… Just normal compulsive laughter when I am alone in a bathroom.”

I want to know I am not the only broken person out there. Do me a favor; Right click on the top photo and “Save As” then draw (in MS Paint or whatever) a face. Email me at or post to the Facebook page

If you have been mentally twisted by sleep deprivation this post is for you. You’re Welcome!

-Underdaddy to the rescue.