Make a Period

Words are so important. Oh so important.

The arrangement of words can mean the difference between a funny story and a criminal investigation. Prima the Ballerina is graceful with her words and she is exact in her selection of what she wants to say. Prima is always sure to use exact language to make her point and her lack of common expressions or complex vocabulary is sometimes a problem.

Last weekend we were going to a party and several friends of ours were going to be in attendance. I was trying to talk with Prima about who would be at the party and I was very glad the NSA wasn’t listening in on my conversation.

“We are going to a party with some friends.” I told her in an excited tone. She got excited and asked, “Oooh which ones? Do I know them?” So I made it a game and asked, “Do you remember some friends from this summer that we go to their house sometimes?” Imagine my surprise when she thought for a second and replied, “Oh I know those friends. We got naked with them.”

I laughed because I knew what she was talking about. We let the children all play in a sprinkler together and the babies ran around naked because their diapers would have exploded anyway. We did not have a skinny dipping party but her limited response could have been a problem. (See also Knock Knock and My Daddy Drinks)

Then later this same child informed me that she had a project due at school and she wanted to get together with a friend to work on it. Part of my awesome parenting points for the week are due to the fact that I knew about this project a while ago but totally forgot. I’m not a total bad parent so I did ask her about the project.

Prima: Oh, we are going to build something from Ancient Egypt.

Underdaddy: Awesome. What are you going to build.

Prima: She is going to help me make a Period.

Underdaddy  :….. what?

Just a side note – I don’t advocate anyone working on making a Period in groups. I don’t want to be notified of anything Period related. I buy tampons when I need to but six is a bit early I think.

Underdaddy: Do you mean Pyramid?

Prima: Sure that will be fine too.

I let the subject drop. No need to figure out what she meant, I will assume Pyramid and move on. I didn’t even bat an eye when she asked, “To look at pictures of Periods”. I simply found some pyramids on Google.

The Periods at Giza, built by Menses the Second.

The Periods at Giza, built by Menses the Second.

There is no way in hell I am Googling anything about Periods. I don’t even really want to continue researching Ancient Egypt because I’m sure she will ask about the Great Sphincter. I can only imagine her presentation on Periods and Sphincters along the Nile Delta.

The Great Sphincter. To be fair he probably was an asshole.

The Great Sphincter. To be fair he probably was an asshole.

If you have children with unintentional hilarious phrases. This post is for you. You’re welcome. Tell me about some things they said to make me feel better.

By the way. I totally Googled the word period and sweet baby Jesus…

I'm deleting the entire internet.

I’m deleting the entire internet.

-Underdaddy to the rescue.