Never Ending Chocolate Trick

Magic Square Trick

Have you seen the YouTube video of the magic chocolate bar trick? Someone cuts the bar in a couple of ways and is able to rearrange the bar to have the same number of squares but at the same time they remove a square of chocolate and BAM! infinite chocolate. It isn’t photo-shop or magic, I promise. I did the trick just to prove it. Check out the video link below and then scroll down for the answer.


Do you have it figured out?

This is the original piece of paper.

This is the original piece of paper.

Now for the rearranged piece.

Do you see where the extra square went?

Do you see where the extra square went?

Geometry wins again! I thought it was a cool trick and just wanted to share a little math and geometry.

You’re welcome.

-Underdaddy to the rescue.

ps. for the folks saying that I still didn’t explain it… The diagonal line across the bottom rises at one fourth of a block for every block as you move left to right. When you rearrange the first three squares are shorter by one quarter block each and the last column is shorter by a quarter also but the line got cut out so it looks full size. Try it yourself it works.