Filled Up

Tetris Champion

Tetris is fun when you are winning. Squares, Ls, and zigzag pieces spinning and falling into place. When I am in the zone I feel like a god. A puzzling solving god. Then the speed gets just right, where my mind can’t plan as fast as the pieces fall. Sometimes, I can take a few hits and get the mojo going again and eventually clear out the mistakes. Other times I know I am defeated and all I need is a square or straight piece to clear some rows and let me catch my breath. The computer knows and spews bags of zigzag pieces just to watch me burn. It is hard to decide to retry a level over and over. I get to where I don’t want to play.

But Tetris is life. Work, kids, marriage, money,… sleep. Those are my pieces. None seem to fit with the other. I need a run of easy pieces to catch my breath.

Today the pieces filled up my screen. I’ll replay it again tomorrow.

If you are shitty at Tetris, this post is for you. You’re welcome.

-Underdaddy to the rescue.