Deep Thoughts

Driving Thoughts

Me While Driving A Car On A Long Trip:What if everything that appeared in the big bang was actually a mass of something traveling faster than the speed of light and a collision in space-time caused things to change? What if the speed of light is just a boundary in the phases of matter like solids melting to liquids and the reason we think it is a limit is because we don’t have a means to detect anything faster than the speed of light because all of our instruments operate on electricity? We can’t see it because we use light to see. What if the big bang was the breaking of a cosmic iceberg and energy cooled into matter and it is slowly working into one giant black hole where the energy will be consumed by the gravity well and released as x-ray bursts? Heat is just a measure of how fast something is vibrating on a molecular level. Everything on earth is a form of cycle or vibration that gets less intense and more diffuse over time. The universe is dying in a pool of energy homogeneity. That’s what absolute zero is all about the cessation of all vibration. Matter is involved in a war. An epic battle for release of electrons into pure energy like a chemical fight over a lemon seed. Oh shit, I need to write some of this down! I might forget.


Also Me, Sitting In Front of My Computer Ready To Write Something Deep and Profound: Why do my balls itch? What if cats had venom? Why would they need venom? Why wouldn’t they? What if people can hear my thoughts and they all conspired to just never tell me? Oh shit, we have ice cream sandwiches! I almost forgot.


If this happens to you, this post is for you. You’re welcome.

-Underdaddy to the rescue.

On Second Thought

“Many a true word is spoken in jest.” – Chaucer


Jane: If I find a dragon with wings and that breathes fire, will you buy it for me?

UD: I sure will.

Jane: Do you think I’ll find one?

UD: I hope so but I’ve never seen one.

Jane: I am going to keep trying and I wont give up until I’m 29 years old.

UD: Sounds reasonable, that’s about when I gave up.

Jane: What did you give up?

UD: Just my hopes and dreams.

Jane: Why?

UD: Because I want you to have them instead.


This started as a back and forth banter with thick sarcasm but the conversation got deeper the more I thought about it. Family is not about giving up your goals as much as it is about redefining them. My hopes are met when my children think their dreams are reachable. I remember when I thought dragons might be real.

My hopes are also met when they let me sleep in on Saturdays = small goals.

-Underdaddy to the rescue.

ps. The rabbit picture was just a funny cover photo. No rabbits were harmed. Concerned maybe but not harmed.