Ode To My Leg

Sometimes social media is awkward. Like when couples openly dote on each other on a public page. I’m not against throwback photos or “happy anniversary” posts or “thanks for buying me shit” posts. I’m more annoyed by the out of the blue “I have the bestiest bae boo and I want the world to know it!” kind of pulp-affection.

It strikes me in one of two ways. A) The relationship is in the awkward recovery phase from some drama and the person is attempting to fast forward rebuilding some trust or B) Someone is putting a fence around their loved one and claiming some territory. Neither seems very genuine.

Then I realized that maybe it bothers me because I’m a little jealous. Maybe I’m a hater.

Acknowledgement and praise don’t come naturally for me. I do a lot of assuming in my personal relationships and it is because internally I know where I stand but I forget to fully explain to the other person. I was driving at the time that these thoughts cropped up so I had time to reflect on one of my most important relationships, my marriage. I wrote a poem.


I love you like I love my leg,

I rarely think about it.

Not because its not important,

I couldn’t walk without it.


More because its always there

Its half of all I do.

I couldn’t run or jump or … breathe

Without that part of me that’s you.


So if I seem to take for granted

The balance you provide,

I know full well I’d hit the floor,

Without you by my side.


Dedicated to my right leg,

Thanks for holding my ass up and helping me strut.




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