Before we get started I would like to make an announcement. The farm structure that housed pigs in the 1850’s was known as a Piggery. Henceforth, piggery is my favorite word.


Can’t wait to tell my children that their room is a piggery. 

Back to our regularly scheduled programming. So we dressed up and did the Easter thing. Easter in the south is probably a little different than the rest of the world. It is still about finding eggs and magic philanthropic rabbits but you can’t leave out the tractors. And the random boat and trailer.


Haven’t found an egg yet but she planted ten acres by lunchtime. 

We enjoyed a visit from Great Mother who is basically the Godfather figure on my dad’s side of the family. She is a little more laid back these days so maybe Michael Corleone from GF III instead of Michael Corleone from the first movie but dont let the gray hair fool you, she is a tooth chipper.


Love you Grandma.

It was a day for beautiful people to have their picture made. I make it a habit to post embarrassing or funny pictures of Supermom because I love teasing her. I realize that I should probably put up a few pictures that show what a stone-cold fox she is too.


My Easter princess. 

Changing subjects. Sort of. There is this Facebook page called the Kitsch Bitsch and there are a slew of creepy Easter Bunny pictures. I have included a few examples below.


Word’s largest WTF?

But wait…


Smile for the milk carton!

I love those pictures way more than I should. Good stuff.

If you survived Easter 2016, this post is for you. You’re welcome.

-Underdaddy to the rescue.


  1. I received an Easter basket from my parents until I was 35? Is that weird? And I love my parents and they are amazing but my sister and I still mutter “where are the effing Easter baskets” at each other. We’re kidding. Sort of.

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