Shower Habits?

I haven’t done a survey in a while and this is a topic that Supermom and I were discussing this evening.

What is normal for couples when it comes to showering? I have created a one question poll to try and answer it.

Poll Daddy Poll

Click on the above link to put your answer in the hat. I know you are curious too. If you vote I will share my answer.

I’ll wait for you to return.

Okay good you are back! Thanks for sharing.

My answer? I don’t remember the last time I showered in my own home alone. It seems normal. Grown men sit around in a sauna room at the YMCA or any number of gyms. They are usually naked and wrapped in a towel and enjoying the steam and conversation. Some old dudes dont even bother with a towel and then I realize that they probably sat in every seat in the sauna at some point. So if you enjoy a steam room at the gym then just know that you are sitting in old man ball sweat.

It is actually a good time to talk. The married couple shower… not the saggy-balled-old-dude steam room.

Bonus followup question. Does anyone use the time to make sure they are exfoliated and blackhead free? Me neither. That would be weird right?

-Underdaddy to the rescue.


    1. Finally someone brave enough to comment! We definitely don’t consider it with anyone still awake. I guess our habit rose out of time crunch and exhaustion. Thanks to the survey results I feel like a total oddball.


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