Holiday Hot Cocoa

Jane’s school requires her to keep a journal and each day they give writing prompts if they have writer’s block. A little over a year ago the prompt was How to Make Hot Coco. The other night we found the journal and read parts of it out loud and everyone had a good laugh.

How to Make Hot Chocolate
By: Jane 11-18-14

the Frst step I
wood take to make

Coco is poor milke
2 step qoor chocolat
3 step poot marshmelo
4 step poot in microwave
A few notes: I am especially impressed that my child knows anyone who can fart marshmallows. Maybe the Elf on the Shelf? I’m not a fan of farting in the microwave and honestly, I am a little concerned about reheating things now. The only other thing that caught my attention is the fact that 98% of the words are misspelled but somehow she spelled microwave. This proves that you learn the things that are important in your life. Country-rich thanks to our microwave.

Just in case anyone actually wants Hot Coco, I have included the translated recipe below. I don’t want a lawsuit from someone who accidentally tries to fart a marshmallow into a microwave. That is some Judge Judy nonsense for sure.

The first step I would take to make coco is pour milk.
2nd Step Pour chocolate
3rd Step put in marshmallow
4th step put in microwave

If you are uncomfortable with farting and food preparation, this post is for you. You’re welcome.

-Underdaddy to the rescue (with the help of Jane)


  1. My girls are all grown. Recently, we came across some paperwork from their elementary school days. We all had some good laughs re-reading it. What would have been throw-away stuff 30+ years ago is now precious memorabilia. 30 years or so from now you’ll maybe find one of Jane’s letters to Santa, and you’ll understand how it feels.

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