Caught Bear Assed

A good tool for developing creativity is Improv. (Which spell check tells me isn’t real but it is totally real.) Improv is perfect for kids because of their flexible reality. Adults really get the most benefit out of it. We play lots of games where we make up stories or pictures as we go and it is lots of fun. Sometimes it gets me into trouble.

One game we play is with a dry-erase board. I will start sketching shapes and making up a story along with the picture. Adding to the picture or the story as needed to make them both fit together. Usually the story ends in a fart noise and scribbles and everyone is laughing on the floor. This is probably why my children tell other people jokes that involve “Cat Poop” as the punchline.

One day I drew a blob that vaguely looked like a bear so I made the good decision to tell them the story of the Bear and the Rabbit in the woods. It goes as follows:

A rabbit is walking through the woods and happens upon a bear who is pooping. The bear looks at the rabbit and asks, “Hey Rabbit, Do you have trouble with poop sticking to your fur?” The rabbit considered the question thoughtfully and replied, “Why no I don’t guess I do.” So the bear grabbed the rabbit and wiped his butt.

For my kids that was the funniest story ever told. They insisted I finish the sketch of the Bear and the Rabbit. So I did.


If you have ever drawn an inappropriate picture for a two year old, this post is for you. Don’t judge me. After all, everybody poops. You’re welcome.

-Underdaddy to the rescue.


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