Birthday Swag

Just a quick update for the faithful followers. My birthday was acknowledged and I got everything I wanted. I have pictures. Not of the “backrub” but of some pretty cool Tshirts. A thank you to Mr Wu. Oh and I did get a steak, I bought it and it was delicious. Then I bought a stack of books that I tell myself that I will read someday. Frank Herbert wont be denied. Anyway…. on to the photos.


I can spell gud, I prawmise.

I can spell gud, I prawmise.

Then the good catch from the wife.

The girls love this one.

The girls love this one.Then, of course, the one that I demanded.

Because SIMILIES are like Metaphors.



CHILL – My younger sister bolstered my confidence with the knowledge that weight gain doesnt have to be wardrobe limiting. Check out this holiday classic Tshirt that I am certain will be getting some airplay in the coming weeks.

Seriously bro Just Chill.

Seriously bro Just Chill.

A Day Away – Then we got to travel to East Tennessee for a couple of days. Toby tagged along and made me want to kill him for the first hour of the journey. Legit. Wanted to Murder Him.

This is the rear view of my minivan.

This is the rear view of my minivan.

Needless to say, things didnt go exactly as planned but when do they ever? Everyone survived and we are prepping to turn around and do it again in two days. WOOOHOOO!

If you love the stress of the holidays and birthday swag then this post is for you. You’re welcome.

-Underdaddy to the rescue.


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