Its My Party

So my birthday is coming up and I have some demands. I want some attention. Not a big fuss or lots of “Happy Birthday” from everyone. I want some swag. You can put it in a brown paper sack and throw it at me and say, “Here I got you some shit for your birthday.” That is fine with me.

This trip around the sun will make thirty four for me. It is the no-mans land of birthday celebrations. I don’t get any big fuss again until the big 4-0. Fantastic. Six more years of successfully surviving and no pomp-and-circumstance. Like most things in life, my early experiences turned out to be a total lie and have left me wanting something more.

Santa = Disappointment; Easter Bunny = Weird concept but still a disappointment; Tooth Fairy = Creepy. Thankfully, not true. Birthdays = Things are getting better. Wait… you just passed it.

First Birthday – This is like the kick-off of life. Being born and living that first year is a challenge and you did it. You made it a year so lets go ahead and start counting the number of years you make it. Don’t worry, it isn’t a race. More like the stock market; You don’t want to get out to early but you don’t want to stay in too long either.

Second through Fifth Birthday – You are not yet in school so family parties are still a big thing. Each year is closer to school and not shitting you pants in public. Congratulations.

Sixth through Twelfth Birthday – These are commemorated by what grade you are in school and by your school friends. These make for excellent pictures much later in life. You never know what future politicians or in-laws will be lurking around.

Thirteen – You are a teenager. God save the queen.

Fifteen – Learners permit. Only one more year until you can blow this popsicle stand and drive yourself to boring places like work and school.

Sixteen – Yay you can drive. Oh crap, now you have to drive… to school, to work, to get milk because mom doesn’t want to get out. Sucker. Not so cool now is it?

Eighteen – You are free to make adult choices like assuming massive amounts of debt and going to federal prison for crimes that get juveniles a slap on the wrist. Welcome to the club.

Twenty One – The crescendo. This is the birthday that is the turning point in life. You are simultaneously celebrating youth/vitality, independence, and starting the downward spiral to your health by abusing your liver. I woke up from my twenty first birthday with a grey hair and a liver spot. It is all downhill from there.

Thirty – This is the official start of realizing that the “give-a-shit” meter for your birthdays is on the downswing. I was really impressed that I turned thirty. Nineteen-year-old-me would call bullshit. We both thought I would be dead by now. High fives. With three and a half kids and knee deep in a career decision, this one felt like I was down the first hill of the rollercoaster and approaching the first loop. The people behind me were on the way up and likely to run me over.

For birthdays past that we will count by tens. Forty, Fifty, Sixty, Seventy. Then birthdays begin to pick up steam. They grow into a “Holy shit you are still alive!”, around ninety years old. But beware, if you have the audacity to hang around they will probably continue only hitting the high notes. With medical advances, I think you only get the big deal treatment on an annual basis if you make it to 100+.

Following that logic – I am only one-third of the way to an annual “big deal” celebration. Unacceptable. So here are my demands for my birthday.

1) Funny t-shirt. XL. I have requested one that says, “Similes are like Metaphors” but I am opening it up to any funny shirts in general. Nerdy leanings are a plus.
2) Dinner and a movie. I want to be taken out to eat and go see a movie. A violent, swearing masterpiece of science and suspense. Or Mocking Jay. Or something animated. But the food should definitely be a steak.
3) A massage. I need these stresses and worries worked out of my back. I have never had a real official massage because I have a tickle spot on my middle back that is a no touch zone. I think I could make it past that for a quality massage.
4) A “back rub”. The kind of back rub that husbands have in mind when they offer one to their wife. I want that one. From my wife though, not from some dudes. That might have been unclear in the first sentence.
5) Peace and quiet. A day to myself. Not a car ride that is quiet or a break at work. I want a day of nothingness with no phone and no requirements. I want to wake up and go out of the house and do whatever strikes my fancy for 24 hours.

I don’t think this is too unreasonable. I will also accept cold, hard cash and precious metals. Oh yeah, November 17th is the day.

If you want a little fuss in your life, this post is for you. You’re welcome. Now be a champ and buy me a steak.

-Underdaddy to the rescue.


  1. Ok, so let me start with….34? Now I feel old. Next, you’ve never had a professional massage? Sir, you don’t know what you’re missing! And no worries about that tickle spot. Massage therapists have a way of making you forget your own name. You won’t even remember that you have a sensitive spot on your back. In fact, you’ll probably finish the massage with drool on your face and a fuzzy remembrance of where you are and how you got there. Make sure your wife drives you. Happy Birthday, early!!!!! PS–good luck with #5!

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    1. I guessed you were 27. Is that not right? I hope the massage would work because my tickle causes a backwards flinch that might hurt someone. I have better luck of a back rub than I do peace and quiet.

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      1. LOL! 27? You are a comedian! Or, I guess you could be my new best friend. But that’s only if you really think I look 27. I need that sort of positivity in my life. Otherwise, we can just be regular friends. I would make a deal with your wife…she gives you the back rub and also handles any and all drama that may arise on your birthday. It’s not peace and quiet, but at least you have a personal referee.

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      2. I learned a long time ago to not ask a woman about age or pregnancy status. I always have room for more best friends. She will probably help with the drama and she got me a T-shirt too so she is rocking the list so far. I bet I get a sweet cake too (She makes custom cakes).

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      3. That’s smart! Age and pregnancy status can be very touchy subjects. I’m not sensitive about my age, just unhappy that time seems to be flying by and there’s so much I haven’t done yet. I turned 41 in September on my last birthday. So enjoy your 30’s! They really do just sail past you. And I hope you get an awesome cake! But it sounds like that’s probably a given if your wife is a baker. 🙂


  2. Gosh I hope I can get all that on my 36th. Good luck to you sir. If you had a sending address on here, I would buy you that shirt.


  3. This is one of your funniest posts! Had me laughing all the way through. Happy Upcoming 34th Birthday! I hope you get to ghetto sit, eat what ever you like, receive whatever gifts you’re wishing for and enjoy the “back rub.” 😉 But that 24 hours of peace and quiet thing? I wouldn’t count on that if I were you.


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