If you follow my Facebook page or Conceited Crusade then you have already seen this one. I have several WordPress friends who might have missed it and it has been pretty popular, so here you go.

Conceited Crusade

There is a movement centered around a tattoo; of a semicolon. The idea that when a sentence could have been ended it chooses to continue. The sentence, of course, being a life. The catch is that sometimes the sentence ends before it should have. The pen goes dry. This idea connected for me because I thought the semicolon might be a symbol for colon cancer (no humor intended I really considered it.) Turns out it is for depression and suicide survivors.

When I turned sixteen I got a 1984 GMC Custom Deluxe. It was custom for sure. Deluxe was debatable. Every day I gave a ride home to two of my friends who lived near the school. One was an excellent artist. The other would prove to be a daredevil.

That day was a warm day, because we had the windows rolled down and we were listening to Sublime the self-titled…

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