One Year On the Electric Ocean

I made it a full year doing this madness. Writing something twice a week for people to read is tough but with a crew like mine it isn’t too hard. While writing this I heard a commotion in the girl’s room. Threeto was sitting in the middle of a dark room with socks on her hands making them talking to each other. Most of this blog writes itself.

But back to the year-long celebration. A lot of fun things happened and it is hard to enumerate all the things I have learned.

Some things I learned:
1) I have made some really good friends. They live around the world and it makes the world seem like a better place. Where else can you talk to someone from Australia, Great Britain, India, Korea, Thailand, and Canada in one place? The Olympics sure, but where else? Writing really is baring your soul so it is nice to have people who (a) think your soul is nice or (b) are just a screwed up as you are.
2) Every facet of your life is relatable. I have lots of people tell me that they feel I am writing about them or things they experience in the exact same way. From the big things like kid seizures to the little things like toothpaste being smeared into carpet. Not everyone has a diapered dog or a wallaby but tiresome pets are everywhere.
3) The chain mail that is known as blogger awards really do make you feel good. I know that I may not acknowledge the awards appropriately and I know that I am not actually be; Encouraging Thunder, One Lovely Blogger, An Inspiring Blogger, a Liebster, or The Versatile Blogger but I feel like it when someone bothers to take note and include me. Thank You.
4) Mommasview, Nutsrok, Ritu, Butch, EKPreston, Jenny, Cookies Dad, MeMyselfandKids, Deborah, April, DotedOn, Sheena, Skipah, Mai Stone, McNierdy, Julie Sopetran (who has an all Spanish blog I can’t read but still reads mine), all my CC homies (Sam, Fred, GZ, YuMin, Crabby, Babe, Flanders), Alana, Victo, Georgetteann, Insanity Bites, Bens Bitter Blog, and everyone else who reads and comments regularly. I’m no doubt missing several people but that happens with lists. You guys make my day.
5) People you know in-real-life (IRL) might surprise you. I might not could have guessed who reads the most regularly but I really enjoy having a reason to talk beyond “Hey I like your meme.”
6) Writing helps your thinking. It is one of the best outlets and therapies and it is free. If you can write something where someone else can follow your thought then you have a better chance at understanding how you really feel. Try it even if you never share with anyone. I promise you will benefit.
7) The internet is a weird, weird place. A magic box.
8) My wife and kids are pretty awesome for putting up with my random picture taking and note writing. You forget way more than you remember about kids so write it down.

Here’s to another year ahead. Now… back to your regularly scheduled programming.



  1. Congratulations! I always look forward to reading your posts, either each time you post, or in all one sitting where I can truly appreciate the genius that is Underdaddy.


    1. Genius! Oh lord don’t hit me with the Gword. You need to go back and read my mass foolishness. Thank you though, I enjoy hearing from you and your smiling profile picture on Facebook. You are so upbeat 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Psh, if you don’t want the Gword, then you can’t write as well as you do. It just goes with the territory. Aw, thanks. 🙂 I try to be upbeat. I’m not always successful, but I try.


  2. It takes a talented writer to expose all the shitty things kids and animals do and still make me look forward to get a couple of my own. Bravo on the year.


  3. Happy anniversary! I love your blog, it always makes me (at least) smile and I can relate to so many things!! It’s so nice when you know you are not alone 🙂
    Cheers, and to many more blogging years!


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