Snap Crackle Popped

It is important to learn cause and effect. Darwinism comes to mind when considering how important it is for young animals to learn from their mistakes and grow into adulthood. For instance, Dodo birds were really crappy at dodging angry people trying to beat them to death with clubs. Hence, extinction for the dodo. We must learn dangers if we are going to survive.

Recently Don Threeto stayed overnight with the grandparents for a little one-on-one time for more personal attention. The plan for the day was swimming. Granddaddy put her in a swim suit, slathered her in sunscreen, and sat her at the breakfast counter with a Rice Krispy treat. She was enjoying her treat peacefully but suddenly began crying. Screaming. The ugly faced cry I’m sure. Threeto likes to scream and get you good and worried but then she refuses to say anything close to actual words. That day was no different. She cried for thirty minutes and was so upset that she didn’t even finish her Rice Krispy treat. That is a big deal for my kids because if food hits the ground it gets scavenged by someone or some thing, like prison rules in the cafeteria but with Lunchables.

Fast forward a few more minutes and everyone is ready for some time at the pool. As they are preparing to go outside Granddaddy hands Threeto the leftover piece of the Rice Krispy treat and she refuses to take it. She says, “Those burn my eyes.” Apparently while eating the treat she rubbed her eyes and the slathering of sunscreen set them on fire. Now she thinks eating Rice Krispy unleashes holy hell-fire in the upper face area. Totally reasonable I guess.

I wish I could mis-associate ice cream or brownies. Wait. No I don’t. Those things are both delicious.

If you wonder about your children and their power of logical thought, this post is for you.

-Underdaddy to the rescue.

For the new folks who don’t know Don Threeto. Here is the rundown.


  1. Mine child doesn’t eat steak anymore since I got divorced (she was brought up on fresh cut steaks from a local butcher), her mother tried to slide a store bought steak by her and needless to say it has scarred her carnivorous habits now on steak.


  2. My son did that with pepperoni once. Touched the pep, then rubbed his eyes. Now he won’t eat the pep. But he won’t eat chocolate either, so something may be wrong with him. I ate sushi while I was pregnant, so that may be to blame.

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    1. Global warming may have hard-boiled your eggs or something. Who knows. Maybe kids are just terrible problem solvers and this fad of “child-like wisdom” is horribly misplaced. My kids have trouble with logic for sure and Supermom did tan occasionally before we met…hmm.

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