My Unexpected Loss

You don’t know what you have until it is gone. So true.

Tonight… I am dealing with the loss of my BACKSPACE button. Seriously, this computer is four months old and BACKSPACE just quit working, completely. I hope everyone will take pause for a moment and consider the extreme luxury that we enjoy with the BACKSPACE button.

It is a true first world problem but if you look at little deeper there is a lesson to be learned. For instance, I wouldn’t be nearly as upset or inconvenienced by loss of the DELETE button or even the LEFT ARROW. Life would go on without them and I would barely notice. But BACKSPACE…. Oh how I miss you. This miracle of technology is a combination of DELETE and LEFT ARROW Some programmer somewhere said to himself, “This typing shit would be a lot easier if I could erase the garbage that I just wrote but I don’t feel like moving the cursor to the left of the mistake and then hitting delete.” He then created BACKSPACE.

It makes me wonder why DELETE is even a button. Isn’t DELETE just BACKSPACE the other direction? Is LEFT ARROW + DELETE the same as RIGHT ARROW + BACKSPACE? This is getting deep.

I need to lay down.

What if these buttons were an option in life? BACKSPACE is clearly a winner. Think about it… you can change things that haven’t been said yet (delete) but once you say something wrong, the cat is out of the bag. I can think of several scenarios where BACKSPACE would be an excellent button for life in general.

If you are the kind of person who needs a BACKSPACE; this post is for you. I needed it no less than 1,234 times in this post alone. I want to shoot a woodland creature or burn pieces of the ozone layer out of frustration. Maybe not that extreme. I would erase it but sadly I can’t. I refuse to push the Left ARROW and Deleter any longer. Typso be dammed.
You’re elcome.
-underdaddy to the Rescue.


  1. Why did it stop working? Is it a crumb underneath? Or is one of your princesses to blame?
    My youngest son had that hobby… And just now I discovered that my mac has no backspace button! It’s called Delete! 😀


  2. Hooray for the return of your BACKSPACE button! I’m not sure if I could live without mine. I hope to never find out. I worship at the throne of modern technology.


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