My kids directly contradict the very nature of the Golden Rule as moral guidance. Rule: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

That sounds like it should be solid right?

I don’t like having something stolen so I don’t steal from others. That sounds easy.

Can you think of an easy example? Maybe it is “I don’t like being robbed at gunpoint so I won’t carjack anyone tomorrow.” Yep, solid rule. Seems to work every time.

Then I lived with Don Threeto. Yet again I have overheard the girls talking and thought that maybe I should offer some fatherly advice. I hear, faintly from the living room, “…you do it hard and then I’ll do it too.” That snippet of conversation was followed by a smacking of skin and some giggling. I walk around the corner and Lady Bug is standing in front of Threeto and she has a bright red cheek but a confusing smile. All I could think was, “Oh God there are two of them. Why is she smiling?”


I start the standard dad conversation:

Underdaddy: “What is going on in here?”

Threeto: Just some smacking.

Underdaddy: We don’t need to smack each other. We have talked about this. (I am trying my best not to laugh, who says “Just some smacking”. That’s like saying oh you know just some kidney punching and blood peeing, no big deal.)

Threeto: But I like to fight.

Underdaddy: I know but we’ve talked about this. There are lots of reasons. Women make less money in the MMA and getting to the top is really hard. Not everyone likes fighting.

Threeto: Can she punch me?

Underdaddy: No! We are done punching anyone. I forbid anything physical-not even squeeze hugs. Go sit in the corner and think of flowers or something.


I know that this has happened before and I am confused about kids who enjoy getting “roughed up”. How do I teach her about being kind to others when her disappointment sometimes includes not getting punched by her sister. The proper application of the Golden Rule would have three of four daughters getting their asses whipped by Threeto because you know, “Do unto others..”.

A brief thought. We can’t all be communal vibes of happiness.

So if you have children who test the moral fabric of society, this post is for you. You’re welcome.

-Underdaddy to the rescue.


    1. Hey sidenote! In the new Popular Science – read the article about new bacteria living directly off of electrons. I know you like science and that one is really cool. Might as well focus on something else because these kids have me beat.

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      1. Well I don’t actually have the magazine, but I can see about getting that issue. And why are you hurt? I just agreed with what you suggested. Good idea indeed.


      2. Oh I see. Well I didn’t recognize the title. I know about Reflector and Astronomy and Science News and Nature and National Geographic and countless others but for some reason I never stumbled upon that one.


      3. Hmm, I was just pointing out that I’m not completely ignorant in the publications of the science world, but I’m glad I was able to point you toward new outlets.


    1. You mean Tae Kwon Do? 🙂 Yeah, I would recommend that as well. Teach your Don Threeto how to fight and teach her responsibility and respect at the same time, Underdaddy. My brother just got his black belt, so now I have to call him “sir”…lol jk. I gotta admit, I’m a little afraid for him. All this fighting.

      Btw, I keep meaning to ask…I haven’t for fear of sounding stupid…what or who is “Don Threeto?” Curious pseudonym for a girl. I seriously thought she was a he the first time you used the name.

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      1. So completely confused…you are referencing things I’ve never heard of…I feel stupid…I take it I should know these things? Have I been living under a rock? Feel free to tell me so!


      2. Well depends on where you live I suppose. If you live in America I would expect you would have heard of these but anywhere else maybe not. I retain useless info and reference it all the time and assume people read it the way I write which is not always the case. I would also suggest watching every Mel Brooks movie because they are awesome.

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      3. Hey I’m in America. Remember that conversation we had about women drivers, when you took everything east of the Mississippi and I backed southern California?


  1. I agree with amommasview. It sounds like little Threeto needs to discover a place where whacking the crap out of someone is praised. There is no better place than a martial arts school for that. Also, bonus points, martial arts will allow her to protect herself when she eventually starts dating.

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  2. It sounds like slaps, a game boys play in elementary and middle school. Congratulations, you should be very proud. Your daughter is years ahead of her peers and is not restrained by gender stereotypes.

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    1. They say girls mature a little faster but preschool may be early. We do strive for letting them decide what they like and minimizing the gender thing so slaps it is. That said I think if they want pink and princesses then it will be pink and princess. A couple went the batman route and that was good too

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