Did You Really Just Ask That!

Over the past few days I have been collecting strange or inappropriate questions that maybe other people share or would find interesting. I was a little surprised at how much these questions centered around the excretory system. Explains the popularity of the pees and poops dolly. I feel like we are all a little closer today. Creepy but closer.

I tried to ease into the inappropriate subjects and some phrasing is softened but I think these questions get at the intent. This is purely for enjoyment and once again I wont be tracking any answers so be honest and we will get more out of it.

Survey Click Here

If you feel that I missed anything feel free to comment that too.


  1. Actually you did miss something. The Rock just mentioned it when I read the poll questions to him. Except I can’t ask it here, you know, publicly. Darn. I wish I’d told him about the poll while you were still taking questions. ‘Cause this *is* something that’s made us both wonder, “Are we the only people who’ve never heard of that?”


  2. Wow lots of potty related questions; I think the only one that really sparked my interest was the deodorant one – although you’d have to be a idiot to use hand wash to get rid of the smell.

    I’m surprised no one asked a question like ‘If you have long hair do you find it in places it should NOT be? Or does your partner find it in such places.’

    Heh; I got more questions now.


      1. I’m going to make good use of the original survey – my question reservoir is just leaking all over!

        Probably because its early in the morning for me and nothing is trying to grab my attention.


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