The Inappropriate Questions

Children and drunk people share one characteristic that I would love to be able to control in real life. Uninhibited and brutal honesty. But children go beyond drunks in this case because they have something extra. Curiosity. That leads to epic questions and uncomfortable scenarios. Who doesn’t love standing in a crowd with a four year old tugging on your shirt while asking, “Daddy, Daddy! Did that man poop his diaper? He smells like corn chips!”. Or how about your kid pointing at someone with a round belly and saying, “Baby baby!” You try to whisper and tell them that they are pointing at a man but they don’t care or understand at that point.

WordPress has a survey or polling feature that I don’t fully understand but I would like to try it out in a couple of steps but I need participation. I know that is a lot to ask because, if my word processor function is working correctly, you have read through a staggering one hundred and sixty eight words. Exhausting. You are already feeling like something else is probably on the ol’ newsfeed and that life is passing you by but stick with me just a second.

First take a second and think of some weird question that you want people to answer honestly but you would never in a million years ask. For example, my curiosity sometimes wonders things like, “How many people have dug in their own bellybutton and then smelled it?” Totally weird and uncomfortable but part of you says, “Okay freak, what is the answer?”

I don’t know the answer but for some reason I want to. I bet you do too.

Enter Question Here

So enter a question at the above link or email me at . Don’t let me down, I mean if you read this far you might as well click the link and put in something… anything. Seriously, whatever pops into your head.

I will pile the questions up and put them in another survey. Then we can all rest easy knowing what kind of strange people we live and work around every day. Sharing this on Facebook will move it along better than likes and we get more questions to enjoy.



      1. Yes! I DO still want to hear it! You have no idea how often that subject comes up among my kids. Poop, and all things related, is for some reason unknown to me, incredibly fascinating to them. And lest you assume my kids are all boys between the ages of 5 and 12 – they are not. They’re all adults. The youngest is 28.

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  1. Well if we drop the laws of TMI, I personally do not dig in my belly button – but my boyfriend does…And we both ALWAYS regret that action.

    Ever visit a cheese shop?
    Yea…Its definitely not cheddar, maybe parmesan? Yet I can be proud that no lint invades. I DO wonder if other people’s belly buttons smell; other than that – I honestly ask those weird uncomfortable questions whenever I get the chance; I can’t think of a question to put for your survey.

    Google can’t answer everything and I have nothing to loose by chatting up a stranger.

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    1. I will include the smelling other peoples bellybuttons. That should be the right flavor of uncomfortable. I think I may have to preface the other questions with a disclaimer so my relatives don’t unfollow me.
      Give me the weirdest thing you have asked a stranger.


  2. This sounds like fun!! I can’t wait for the results. I’m heading over to the poll link after posting this comment because I have a fetish that I wonder how many other people share with me. Hmmm. On second thought maybe I’ll wait till tomorrow so Underdaddy will have no idea which question is mine. He has no idea how freaky I truly am.


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