Fun Dance Swifty Style

You may have seen a viral video of a dad and daughter dancing to Taylor Swift – Shake It Off. Wasn’t it cute and organized and well choreographed? Funny Horse head and quirky shirt. Man that thing went perfectly. Totally an only child. I wonder if that is possible with four little girls?

My sister issued a challenge to Underdaddy a video and I think we might have failed way harder than she would have expected but in a big family life I think it is a perfect snapshot. Plus my girls are so stinking cute.

It starts off with “Hey, UnderAunt wants us to make a video.”


Child Two: “I can be Godmother Black!”

Child One: “Can we have a ghost come out of the closet and eat somebody?”

Underdaddy: What? Wait wait wait. We have to try and do this right and make a good video.

Child Three: “Yaaaahhhhhh Im dance dance.”

Child One: I can do the rabbit move!


Mom: See what you started? Lets just get this over with…..

They didn’t watch the example video. We don’t have a clean spot to stand. Everyone wanted a different themed outfit. I just hoped we could make it to the finish line. Like any other project, it starts out as super good idea and ends with tears and silent anger. Im just glad that no one vomited on the rug. That other guy is totally a better parent.

Check it out if the link works YouTube (Has to be a desktop computer, mobile devices have trouble with it)

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